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Belly Dance Peeps:

There will be no drills tonight. I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll start back up in October Wednesdays. I'm also thinking about trying to put together a combo/choreography class on Sundays in the early pm. Drills require no experience whatsoever and combos will need a reasonable grasp on belly dance. As always free and we have more mirrors, too!

Clean Up

I'm going to start removing folks from my fb friends because they have moved to G+. I'm trying to get an idea of who hasn't migrated. I also have G+ invites if anyone needs one.

RIP Spodgumene

Well, despite Spodgumene's apparent rally, we ended up spending all night up with her. It was clear she was winding down fast. I feel lucky that I got to say my goodbyes and all that was on my mind. It made losing her this morning a little easier. I'd had her almost half my life and will miss her terribly.

Atlanta Peeps: Massage Night!

Atlanta Peeps: For those who will be in town next weekend, is anyone interested in running a massage night along with Craft Bonanza on Friday the 17th? It would be the usual set up of about 8 slots of 1/2 hr and you donate what you can or want to. Let me know if you'd be interested.
Fantastic article. Everyone should read it and think about words and expectations. People should just freakin' be allowed to be themselves.


Last Minute Change

Atlanta Peeps: Anyone interested in a couple of Bassnectar tickets for 12/30 (NYE Eve)? The venue is the Tabernacle, the show is sold out, and I'm just looking for the ticket price.


Per usual, the West-Tower abode will be having a Thanksgiving celebration on Thus, the 25th. For folks who want a sit down dinner, that happens around 1. Everyone else is welcome to drop by at any time. We generally watch bad movies, drink, and eat desserts until about 3 AM. There will be a turkey and turkey dressing, but all other dishes will be vegetarian or vegan. Let me know if you'd be interested in attending.

Post Halloween

Nov. 1, which is a Monday, is the best and only day to do after Halloween shopping. I get all my tights, socks, and other home decor for 50 - 75% off. We usually meet at Dunkin' Donuts, then hit the nearby stores. It's important to hit Target first for the best deals. Anyway, is there anyone interested in going?

Talking to Lynx

In February, 80 and I went to LA to see the Lucent L'Amour festival, put on by DoLab. I wrote up the experience, which was a fabulous one, being particularly pleased with the music. I went specifically to see Beats Antique for the first time live and to see Bassnectar again because his show at the 40 Watt Club in Athens blew me away.

Well, the first act we saw was Lynx and Janover. It was a great set and I duly remembered the name for the future. Then Lynx came back out during the Beats Antique set because she does the lyrics for "She's Looking For Something". I really had no idea that she had such a great voice or that she was so incredibly awkward/shy. During the song, she turned kind of sideways to the crowd and would look anywhere but at the audience. When people went wild about the song, she blushed and skedaddled off the stage quick.

I'm always fascinated by performers that are so self conscious. What drives them so to perform, when it's clearly so uncomfortable? There's something in there that makes me want to protect those people. (Goes for just shy people in general. They get passed over so frequently, yet so often have such wonderful personalities.) So, after duly buying the Lynx and Janover cd, I promised myself that I'd make a big deal about Lynx if I ever got the chance. I didn't figure I'd ever get the chance.

Oh, but I did!!

When we went to see Beats Antique in Athens, not only were we lucky enough to have Zoe Jakes performing, but Lynx was the opening act. She did an amazing job with her set; even including some kick ass beat boxing. I stayed front middle stage for her whole act, danced, and sang a long to most of the songs. I don't know if she really knew that attention was from her, since she kept her glasses off through most of the show. The show ended really late, so we just headed on home.

The next day, Beats Antique and Lynx played in Atlanta. Again, I was front and middle for Lynx's set. She did great, as usual. My friends kept giving me heck that I should yell something like, "I think you're pretty!" I don't often have the guts to do something like that. I have a soft spot for shy people because I'm painfully shy and introverted, though can sometimes hide it.

So, after Lynx's set, I ran off to the bathroom and recognized her sneakers in the next stall. Argh! This would be my chance to talk to her! So, there I am, in a club, trying to pee as fast as possible. I calculate that my outfit is easier to deal with and that she'll be stymied for a bit because there's no soap in the restroom. Woo! I literally jumped out of my stall, apologized for ambushing her in the bathroom, but that I wanted her to know how amazing the three shows of hers' I had seen and how talented she is. Strangely, she didn't blush, she looked me right in the eyes, and seemed relaxed and not in a hurry to get away from me. So, we talked about the new album and her beat boxing and I got a chance to thank her. She said, "Thanks" and gave me a huge smile. It was great!!! (So often I see performers where people only want something from them - an autograph, a picture, etc - I just want to be able to thank performers that I like for making music that makes my life better.

Anyway, the question remains why she didn't get at all awkward with me. Was it because I was spazzy enough to charge out of a stall, so I could talk to her? Do I really come across as Safe Girl? Does she have a think for saloon girl outfits? Hmmmm.... Anyway, the net of it, is that I'm so glad I screwed up the courage to talk with her and tell her that she rocks. It felt good.

Lynx and Beats Antique in Athens

So, being too impatient to wait for the Beats Antique show tomorrow night in town, 80 and I decided to head on over to Athens and catch that show too.

The she was held at the New Earth Music Hall which is pretty small and, all in all, didn't have much of a crowd. I had ample time to check out merch and get really bored with the first act. Thankfully, once they were done, it only took minutes for Lynx to set up.

If you aren't familiar with Lynx, I think you should be. She sort of a swirly trip hop artist who also happens to do a really good beat box. I came to her through Lynx and Janover and always thought, unfairly, that Janover did the beat boxing until I first saw them perform in LA. Anyway, her new album has some great tracks that she plays and it's only available at the merch table (not online), so bring some cash.

There was no surprise that Beats Antique was totally awesome. Zoe Jakes has taken up drum, but still dances, so that's neat. The did a great job of playing a good mix off all 4 cds, which was nice. The bass was so heavy that when I'd put my hand on the stage, my internal organs would vibrate. Woo! And, I was right up at the front and center of the stage. AWESOME!!!

So, aside from great music and great dancing, the only thing that would improve the night would be to have one of my favorite belly dancers take notice of me. Oh, wait, she did! During her veil song, she put the veil down and drew her hands around my head. Then, another time when she was drumming, she squatted in front of me and yelled "Hey!" while smiling. The people around me asked me if I was involved with her. Hee eee hee. I wish.